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Goodbye 2015..Hello 2016!

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Wow... Can you believe it. It's already the end of 2015! - Where has this year gone?

As far as productivity goes, this year has been amazingly productive, especially with regards to my freelance work and business.  From designing and developing my own small standalone website portfolio, to moving over to Squarespace and setting up my freelance business properly.  Setting up my blog again properly, and making the call to streamline my processes and communicate my vision and brand across to potential clients, and getting proper clients signed and booked in as well!... It's been an amazing year all round!

Goodbye 2015...Hello 2016!

Because I love doing what I do I'm not going totally MIA over the festive holidays - Lucky for me I managed to book some pretty awesome clients over the last few weeks, and although most people are winding down to relax, I'm doing the opposite!!... Talk about end of the year curveball! It's all good though! 

You may also notice a few changes to my website over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for some nice small surprises! 

I'm still also taking booking for new projects from mid-end Feb onwards so if you are interested get in touch! I'd love to get you booked in so check out my portfolio and get in touch today.

All in all, it's been an awesome 2015!...So here's to the coming year!

Happy holidays and enjoy your time off!