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New Marketing Website for PT PLUS - including bespoke icons and a Prezi

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Not so long ago I had the opportunity to create a new brand and website theme for PT PLUS.  One of Andy Reynolds startups.
PT PLUS is "the ultimate online training health and fitness platform for health clubs, leisure centres and personal training organisations".

 I shared the behind the scenes post on how it all went down here:

New brand and website for PT PLUS.

Today I want to share the process behind the marketing site, which includes creating a Prezi and some bespoke icons as well.

PT PLUS - marketing site

For Andy, the idea behind the marketing site was to differentiate it from the theme design and to target health clubs, gyms and leisure centres, and also personal training companies.  
He wanted to highlight why these two markets should purchase PT PLUS platform, how the PT PLUS product features meet both their needs by highlighting the key features and functionality.

As part of the design, I was tasked with creating a Prezi for the product.  Prezi is a presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to traditional programmes such as PowerPoint.

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Here is the finished Prezi on Vimeo:

As part of the Prezi design, I released I needed to create bespoke iconography that could be potentially used elsewhere. 

I started to collect my thoughts and sketch out some ideas as part of the process. 

It became quite clear that I needed at least 7 icons, these being, a gym, leisure centre, health club, coach, personal trainer, and a training company.  A few more bespoke icons were created as well, however, these are the key ones.

All the icons used the brand colours, with the introduction of a few secondary colours that compliment the brand.  I have also incorporated the PT PLUS brand font on some of them.

PT PLUS bespoke icons

What do you think of the marketing site and the Prezi? Do you like the icons?... What do you think of them?