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FREE: 5 beautiful hand-drawn calligraphy fonts

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Hand-drawn calligraphy fonts are totally on trend at the moment.  There are so many lovely styles out there that it can be hard to choose a favourite.

As a designer, I tend to collect fonts that I love and then eventually hope I can make use of them when a suitable project comes along.

Whether you are after something romantic for a wedding invite design, or something contemporary.  Maybe you like the swooshes and swirls that come with certain styles. Whatever your hand-drawn font need, it's great to have a good collection of freebie fonts so here are 5 fonts I have collected for you...

The best thing about them is that they are FREE! 


Sophia is a hand-lettered brush script. It has its own free little decorative styles which you can add onto the end of individual letters to give your words an extra "swirl'!

KSD : Krishna Solanki Designs - Sophia font

Download Sophia Font


Curvaceous and cool, Andrea script is so smooth its perfect for almost any marketing need.  From fashion to films, posters to more. It’s extremely versatile.


Download Andrea Font


Roselina script is oh so very elegant! Such a romantic feel, its almost that spring happiness in a font!  I think it's perfect for wedding invitations and contemporary posters!


Download Roselina Font


Gardenia script is one of those deceiving looking fonts.  With a big bunch of floral elements this spring inspired font is perfect for numerous creative projects!  

Download Gardenia Font


Serendipity script has a real contemporary feel to it.  It can be used for logos and branding and I think its got a real modern touch to it - especially if combined with a clean san serif font!


Download Serendipity Font

What do you think of hand-drawn calligraphy fonts?  Have you used them in a recent project?  Why not share your thoughts - I'd love to hear about it!