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your startup website needs...words words words!

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I truly believe copy and design go hand in hand. It is ONE OF THE most important things on your website and can do wonders for your startup business...that's if you get it right and make it work for you on your website.

The following article is a guest post by Sally Tudhope. (Thanks Sally!! :) )

Your startups website needs words..words..words...

I get it.  You’re full of excitement at getting your startup off the ground. You have so much to share and you just want to get your website up and get going, like, yesterday!

And I hear you.  This thing has been in your head for so long, and you want to reach people and change some lives (and yes, it’s okay to say it - make some money).

First though, you need to figure out what you’re going to say.

Yes, I’m talking about copy.  The words on your website.  (I can hear you groaning. Don’t think I can’t hear you groaning.)

Words entice, empower and educate

The words you put on your website are so important that some designers won’t even start a website design project without them.  Words entice, empower, educate and intrigue, and you need to know what you want to say before you start putting it into little boxes and sticking borders around it.

A web design has to honour the things you want to say to your customers – it has to showcase your words in the best possible way.  If you get someone to create you a design before you’ve figured out what you want to say on each page of your website, you might find you’re having to cram your long, loving introduction into three short lines, ten words a line, centred between your header and your products and services boxes.

Just like every other design out there.

Do yourself, your brilliant new startup and your wonderful clients a favour and spend some time (hint: a lot) on getting your copy right before you get that website created.  I guarantee you’ll have a better, more unique website because you took the time up front.

Get a helping hand

You don’t have to do it all yourself.  If you’re struggling to get your thoughts down, hire a copywriter.  They’re great at this stuff.  They can make you sound more you (if that's the aim), draw out your stories, tap into what makes you magnetic to your right people.

Whether you do it yourself, or have it done for you, you won’t regret taking the time to figure out what you want to say. 

And I promise you, not only will you be helping the designer, but you will also be helping yourself, your startup and your clients too.

It's an all round WIN-WIN situation!

- Sally Tudhope -

Have you compiled your website copy yourself? How did it go? - Was the process easy for you/your designer? Let me know how it went.. I'd love to know!