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6 design facts that startups need to know

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Startup founders are very busy people, they usually have lots going on majority of the time.  A lot of things to keep in mind, to remember, to chase up, to finalise, to understand, to know....The list is endless.

From a designers perspective I thought I would list 6 facts that Startups need to know when it comes to design.

As design is a very broad field, I figured to choose 3 branding facts, and 3 web design facts.

6 design facts startups need to know

Branding facts

1 | consistency is key

Every startup business should make this a priority when it comes to speaking or communicating messages to the outside world.  By outside world I mean, to their customers, clients, competition, suppliers, everyone and everything that your brand comes in contact with.

2 | It pays to be branded

Apparently, 66% of consumers (in the US) are willing to pay more for a product if the brand delivers a positive customer experience.  This means, if your startup delivers a customer experience that is memorable, positive, and reinforced by branding then it is more likely that you will gain loyalty as well. 

3 | Brands have value

Investing in your startups brand can increase value in your business.  As a result this can change/sway your clients/customers/consumers buying decision.  Interbrand states that in 2014 Apple was ranked number 1 with a brand value of $118, 863M, this was an increase of 21%.

Arguably people are generally willing to pay more for a branded product/service than for an unbranded one.

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web design facts

1 | web design is more than just beautiful imagery and well written text.

Although both of those definitely help, web design is also about placement, spacing, layout, call to actions, priority, balance, focus and scannability.  There are probably a few more elements as well, however they are the first that came to my mind!  According to Nielson Nornan Group, 47% of websites have a usability improvement if the layout is scannable. 


2 | every browser renders code differently

When viewing a website on your macbook at home via Google Chrome you may find that it looks different to when you viewed the same website from your work PC via Mozilla Firefox.  Sounds crazy but it's true.  The way the browser reads and passes (renders) the code differs and therefore what gets translated on the screen will differ.  Internet Exploer is notorious for being hated by designers and developers alike, for this very reason.

Tackling this issue is where hiring a professional to do the job comes in handy.  They have the knowledge and the experience to know how to ensure the site looks its best and how its meant to via compatibility testing. 

3 | responsive web design is the way forward

According to Factbrowser, 72% of the 47M UK digital audience access the internet via multiple devices.  The point is, as technology advances giving consumers more ways to get online to see your startups product or service, it would be a mistake to not provide them with the information in the way they want to see it - whether that be on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Your website should respond, it should be responsive.

So as a founder, a few small point to remember when it comes to your startups branding or website.

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What branding and web design facts do you know? Do you agree with the ones I  have highlighted?  As a startup, did you find this interesting?  Let me know your thoughts!