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10 reasons why startups need a brand identity

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In this day and age it seems that image is everything.  Taking part is only half the battle, but looking the part helps you WIN the battle.

Investopedia describes a startup as "a young company that is just beginning to develop.  Startups are usually small and initially financed and operated by a handful of founders or one individual."

In this post, I'd like to talk about why startups need visual designs elements, in particular a brand identity.

10 reasons why startups ness a brand identity.

what is a brand identity?

In my own words, a brand identity encompasses a logo, fonts, colour pallete, icons, and broadly put any visual element that communicates a startups (or any companys/businesses) vision. It is defined by how your audience perceives you, and that is why it is important that it is portrayed correctly to your customers and even competitors.

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Lets take a step back and view your brand as a person.  
Every person, or individual,  has a name, a personality, an image, and a certain level of depth which can be used to describe them.  

In the same way a business, or startup has the same elements - a name = business/start up name, a personality = business personality/style, an image = a logo, extra level of depth = typography and colourways.

All these elements together can leave a lasting impression (hopefully a positive, memorable one!) and form your brand identity.

Here are 10 reasons why startups need a brand identity.

First impressions count.  As startups are relatively young and just beginning to take there place in the business world they may hesitate to include investing in a brand identity.  So to, counteract that hesitation I have listed 10 reasons why startups need a brand identity.

1 | Genuineness

Having a brand identity in place shows that you are serious about your startup. that you mean business.  Put it this way, if you received an email from a company that had no logo or visual elements that was connected to a business would you think they are a genuine business? It's almost like receiving an email from your uncles, best friends, sons, cousin in Africa that says they need you to help them bail your moms aunty out of some trouble!.. That leads me to the next point....

2 | Trust

By having a brand identity you are automatically building a sense of trust with your customers.  Your investment will directly show in the communications you have with your customers, which will lead to them trusting you.  It also reinforces your establishment and conveys...

3 | Professionalism

Anyone can design a logo in word, or paint, but by hiring a designer to handle your branding you are committing yourself and your startup to a professional look and feel.  This in itself can speak a thousand words if done correctly.

4 | Credibility

Looking professional and having your brand elements work for you shows credibility.  A successful startup shows this by paying attention to the image they portray.

5 | Personality

A brand adds personality to your startup.  It gives it a set of consistent characteristics that can be relatable. It gives it a voice.  How you choose to speak through your brand is up to you but having the ability to speak and be noticed is important.

6 | Recognition

If customers can recognise your brand then they can become familiar with your startup.  Becoming familiar means they will remember you.  Thus, they will hopefully come to you or refer you to others who are in need of your services.  They only way they can become familiar with it is via...

7 | Consistency

This is key! A brand identity provides consistency. Being able to see the same elements - logo, colours, typefaces on all different communications - whether thats offline or online - is important, not only for your startup, but for your customers as well.  

8 | Loyalty

Having a consistent brand image, with all the other key elements above, can build loyalty. Customer loyalty is essential, especially if you want to stay in business!

9 | Differentiate You

A unique brand identity helps you stand out. It gives you the ability to stand up and stand tall and differentiates your from your competitors and the crowd.  It can give you that competitive advantage too!

10 | Quality

Having a professional brand identity in place proves quality.  A well-designed, well thought of brand sends the message that you have thought about your image and the details that matter to your startup.

Overall a strong brand identity can say a lot for your startup.  Investing in a brand identity may be a wise decision made sooner rather than later, and branding your startup is much more than just a logo.

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