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Side hustling - A quick overview

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Not sure about you, but I hear the term "side hustle" a lot nowadays.  It's like a new "buzz word" although, it's not really new if that makes sense...
Do you know what side hustling is? Would you side hustle? Do you want to side hustle?

Lots of questions spring to mind so I wanted to talk a little about the subject.

Side hustle - a quick overview

What is side hustling?

Simply put, a side hustler is someone who is employed full time but also has their own business or, at least, is pursuing a part-time venture.  A side hustle is a venture/side-business. 

I am a side hustler and this design business is my side hustle.  

Pros and Cons of side hustling?

There are a number of reasons why you would side hustle, this could range from wanting to be your own boss all the way across to not enjoying your full time employment.  The top 5 points I have come across are:

1 | Extra income
2 | Passionate about your hobby
3 | Freedom to be your own boss
4 | Creative outlet
5 | Flexi hours of work

Although these sound like awesome benefits of side hustling there are also a bunch of things you should be wary of.

A few points to remember (speaking from experience here!) are that:

1 | It's hard work
2 | You need to find time to put in the hours
3 | You may not start off with flying colours
4 | There is a steep learning curve
5 | Money isn't always coming in (not straight away anyway!)

At any given time I am constantly on the go - thinking about my full-time job, my side business, my personal life, and everything else in between.  There is a lot of juggling going on and it can get very stressful to say the least.  But I wouldn't have it any other way. I love doing what I do and I am fortunate that I can do it both in my full-time job and my side business. It also helps that I have a structured and streamlined process in place to help me do everything I want and need too to make my multi-tasking less painful (Note, I didn't say easy!).

Considering to start SIDE HUSTLe?

If you are considering to start a start hustle, here are 10 things you could do:

1 | Web Design
2 | Blogging
3 | Baking
4 | Photography
5 | Jewellery making
6 | Consulting
7 | Copywriting
8 | Virtual assistant
9 | Tutoring
10 | Event planning

If none of the above tickle, your fancy there are always other things like dog walking, babysitting, gardening, etc.  

Stay in touch!!

One thing that I do believe is that when working on your side hustle, it can get overwhelming.  Although it is something to be proud of, it can get extremely challenging at times and you may need someone to vent too. There is a community of side hustlers dotted around, so it's a good thing to stay in touch and keep networking with like-minded entrepreneurs! 

I'm someone who understand the balance, the hard work, the small wins, and of course, the big ones too so let me know your thoughts and stay in touch!