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5 Side Hustler Issues And Tips On How To Overcome Them

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As a side hustler myself I often find myself encountering the same issues periodically.  It's draining going over the same issues, but at the same time, I am glad I have recognised that there seems to be a "pattern" - To me that means I can overcome them.  I just need to understand when the issue is in action and then take the necessary steps to overcome it. 
Over time, it should be the case that I eventually don't face these issues as they have been addressed. 
Here are my 5 side hustler issues, and tips on how to overcome them!

5 Side Hustler Issues And Tips On How To Overcome Them

1 | Self belief

In the past, I used to worry when it came to signing new clients, or starting a new project, especially if there was a "new" aspect of design or implementation that I was not 100% familiar with.  I used to think "I can't do this!" "What if I get it wrong?" "How do I manage my client's expectation when I don't understand XXX myself?"
Soon after I realised I was saying the same doubts to myself over and over again, and that's all it was - DOUBT. 
I lacked self-belief.
Once I realised that the issue was with myself I decided to have serious words with myself.  I sat back looked at my current projects and reviewed where I wanted to be in 1 years time. I also started to network a lot more with like-minded creatives/individuals.  This boosted my confidence.  I also started blogging again and this helped establish me as an expert in my field.

Tip to overcome this issue:  Network, start blogging, do your research, and the most importantly... "just do it!".  You can only fail if you try, and if you do fail, you can learn from it so it is not a mistake it is a valuable experience in self-development.

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2 | An empty "little black book"

If you are just starting your side hustle then the real issue is booking real clients because your little black book is empty (or so you think!), but if you have been side hustling for a while then the issue revolves around making sure your little black book is continuously being added too.
You don't necessarily have to go all crazy and look in new places - although that can help - you can always try my favourite trick to overcome this issue:

Tip to overcome this issue:  Get in touch with previous clients. They are sometimes the best avenue for new work, especially if the working relationship was good.

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3 | Finding the hours

It's so easy to blur the lines between normal working hours or family time, and side hustle time. It can be really tempting to justquickly finish that "thing" off so that it is ticked off the list.  The issue is before you know it your focus will be all on your side hustle - which isn't a bad thing, but what about taking a break? Spending those few hours doing something different or spending time with your partner/family.
It could be that you prioritise doing family dinner time, 9-5 work time and everything else before side hustle time. That's equally an issue.
So how do you overcome this?

Tip to overcome this issue: Keep an eye on the time. Set alarms. learn to balance your "play" and work time.

4 | Stretched over all the tasks

With so much to do it is not necessary to do it all yourself.  Although I have not reached my capacity of needing to delegate yet, but I know a number os small businesses, side hustlers and even full-time freelancers find that do delegate.  Why? Because you don't need to do everything yourself.   Making yourself do every little task like editing blog posts, keeping your social media up to date, replying to emails, can get overwhelming and turn into an issue.
How do you resolve this?

Tip to over this issue: Delegate. Hire a virtual assistant.  Depending on the size of your business and how many tasks you can delegate to another person you may want to consider taking someone on for a few hours or half a day. It all depends on you, but if it relieves you to concentrate on doing the more demanding tasks then it is definitely worth a thought.

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5 | Write down your ideas

Personally, I know my brain doesn't stop ticking about all the things I want to design.  I have so many ideas, about blog posts, updating my website, new projects, all sorts.  The issue is, 1 | I can't accomplish them all NOW as I don't have the time 2 | Are they viable tasks or just ideas - will they work in reality?

Tip to overcome this issue:  Write down all the ideas and let them percolate.  If you find yourself going back to the same "idea" it is definitely worth giving it more thought.  Keeping a log of all your brainwaves also helps to empty your thoughts - I find this helps me concentrate on other tasks in hand.

Do you face these side hustler issues? For those of you that have, how did you overcome them?  If you haven't overcome them, I really hope my tips help!