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Why You Should Grow An Email List For Your Small Business

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For ages, I didn't see this as a priority for my small business. That coupled with not knowing what the benefits of an email list are meant I was missing out on some major business opportunities!

Then one day I decided to set up an email list. I mean, I wasn’t losing anything, if anything I was gaining many things… I just didn't know what.

That is why today I want to share my thoughts and tips on why you should grow an email list for your small business, especially as I’ve learnt the benefits first hand!

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1 | Email list is yours, you own it. not another company

I think I have a pretty decent Twitter following.  If, for whatever reason Twitter shut down, I would probably lose that following, that list.
By creating my own email list, I can securely keep my following and my list safe, even if my chosen email platform “shut down” or if I moved platforms, I could take my list with me.

I own my list and it belongs to me and my business.

2 | Build a stronger relationship

By creating my own email list I am able to build a stronger relationship with my followers and audience. I can send them blog posts, videos, freebies, and more which helps me build trust.  It also gives my followers a chance to reply to my emails, if they wish to, because not only do I read every single email, but I love being able to interact with my readers.

I like adding a bit of my personality to my blog posts and to share that there is a human being behind the words being typed and read :)...

3 | Your email list can tell you what your readers want/need

By sending a quick email to your list you can find out what your readers want to learn about, what they are interested in and what they need from you, all it takes is a quick “reply” on their part and you are one step closer to building a relationship, rather than just a number, which means you can really tailor your service or product.  This can then lead too…

4 | Your email list probably has your next client

Think about it, before you buy a product or service you are likely to do your research. You look around, you save or shortlist your favorite option and eventually, you make a decision on either purchasing the product/service or leaving it.  

If you really like a product/service you may sign up to a mailing list or a product offering, or it could be as simple as you want to be kept in the loop with that particular product/service.  This step is your mailing list.  People interested in making a purchase will happily sign up to a mailing list if they know they will get something useful in return.  This ultimately builds trust.  By sending out regular emails you are gaining the trust of potential clients who will regularly see your blog posts, freebies, or useful tips.

Eventually when they need someone with your product offering or service, or when they are ready to make that commitment, you will already be a familiar thought in their mind.

5 | You can reach out to your list to make sure they don’t forget you

As mentioned in the previous point, potential clients won’t hire you straight away, they will “stalk” your business for a while before making that decision.

Whether new potential clients or past clients you want to make sure they don’t forget you. By creating and growing an email list, which they will have opted into, you have easy access to lots of potential business - Just make sure they don’t forget you so sending them useful, informative, information or freebies is a must!

Have you recently set up an email list?