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7 Key Benefits Of Using Squarespace Instead Of Wordpress

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As a small business owner and freelancer, I have an online presence. I have my own website and blog, and I’m on various social media platforms too - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

In such a digital age I think it’s important that I have a well designed, well structured professional website in place so that any potential clients can not only find out more about my design services but also find out more about me.

I use Squarespace for my own business and totally recommend it to all my clients as well.  So much so that I wanted to share 7 benefits of using Squarespace instead of Wordpress.

Krishna Solanki Designs - 7 Key Benefits Of Using Squarespace Instead Of Wordpress

1 | Set up is easy

Whether you have your domain purchased already or are looking to purchase a domain, Squarespace makes it so easy to set up and get going, it’s all done with a few simple clicks. No need to download anything to your computer, extract files, or set up a “wp-config.php” file.  Squarespace is literally sign-up to a 14-day trial and familiarise yourself with the features. And that’s it.  Simple.

2 | No backend fuss or maintenance to worry about

First or foremost, this is one of the reasons why I personally love Squarespace.  Squarespace has its own set of developers that are responsible for maintaining the backend of the platform.  They manage all the performance and security updates for you. This means you don't need to worry about any backend maintenance or security risks, and you don't need to “update your version”.  It also means...

3 | No Plugins to make it better or work harder.  It just works

Any themes and plugins also need to be updated when Wordpress does an update.  This means you have to keep up to date with all the plugins and ensure they are not causing any security risks to your website.  You also have to trust that the plugin creator offers and maintains their plugin.  With Squarespace, there are no plugins or updates to make by yourself.  Everything is done by Squarespace, under a tried and tested environment, and then deployed to the platform.  Allowing you to carry on with doing what you are best at.

4 | Don’t need to be tech savvy or a coding genius. It’s all drag and drop

Another great feature of Squarespace is the drag and drop feature of the platform.  This means you don’t need to know any code, but if you wished to, you can get very hands on and create some custom code.  With Wordpress, it's not drag and drop and so there is a larger learning curve involved not to mention you will probably have to take a look at the code to make any simple changes.

5 | Content and layout is more flexible

Again, going back to the drag and drop Squarespace feature, this allows you to make new pages, layouts and content with the click of a few buttons.  With regards to Wordpress, you would not be able to quickly create a new layout, you would have to change/modify the template code to create a new layout.

6 | 24/7 support is available for Squarespace

Squarespace support is awesome. There is a dedicated support team that is available 24/7 and they have a vast library, consisting of video and text.  They also have an open forum which is great.  Wordpress, on the other hand, has a huge open forum.

7 | Squarespace has “out of the box” solutions integrated

Mailchimp, G Suite, Paypal, Stripe, Acuity Scheduling, numerous social media accounts, Youtube, and so many more integrations with Squarespace.  As a small business owner, Squarespace has thought of all the things you would want and need in order to run and maintain your business with ease.  They have done all the hard work for you.  Again, to connect any integrated solutions - it’s as simple as a few clicks and it’s done.

I can’t tell you how much I love running my business since having moved to Squarespace.  My life has become easier and I am able to concentrate on doing what I do best! - designing! I hope you find this post useful and it has given you some insight into the benefits of using Squarespace instead of Wordpress.
Have you debated between Wordpress and Squarespace?  What did you decide?

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