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Being A Member Of Squarespace Circle - 6 Things You Need To Know

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So I’ve kept this to myself in the past, and I don’t know why! It’s definitely something to be proud of and shout from the rooftops….

Hooray! I’m a member of Squarespace Circle.

I’m pretty sure you are thinking...What’s Squarespace Circle? And, so what?... How’s that going to help me?!

Well my friend, hang tight as I’m going to share the details of what that means to me and TO YOU!

So, if you didn't know already, I love Squarespace.  It is the platform I use for my website and business, and I recommend it for any small business or startup, and I genuinely think it is the best thing since sliced bread. Ok slightly exaggerated but you get the idea!


So, without further ado let's get down to the details…

What is a Squarespace Circle?

Squarespace circle “is a program designed to support, inspire, and engage the community of creatives, developers, and designers who use Squarespace to build beautiful websites for themselves and their clients”.

What does being a Squarespace Circle member mean? - For me...

Being a Squarespace Circle member means I get access to unique perks, expert insights, and optimised support.  That’s pretty awesome for me, but what does that mean for you?....
As a client or potential client if you work with a Squarespace Circle member (like me) you get…

1 | 20% discount

I get 20% off the first year of Website or Online Store annual plans, making it more attractive to clients.
So if you need a website and you decide to hire me and use Squarespace as the platform for your website, then I can get you 20% off the first year.  Good news right?

2 | Six-month trial periods

As a Squarespace Circle member, I get a 6 month trial period on new websites, meaning if we work together to build your website, we have a longer time period to perfect the look and feel, the style, the content, before we launch your website.  To provide you with a bit of insight, if you sign up to Squarespace yourself, as a new user, you will only get 2 weeks trial period before you are asked to upgrade.  So, again, it just makes sense to work together, doesn't it?

3 | Optimised customer care

Being a Squarespace member means I will be recognised by Squarespace Customer Care Advisors as an experienced user.  This means I can get answers to questions even more efficiently and effectively.  That’s fab as that means I can provide you with a sleeker service.

4 | Exclusive content

I am constantly looking to improve my process, my skills and my business to provide my clients with the best options and possibilities.  Being a member of Squarespace Circle means I am able to sharpen my skill set and with advanced guides, product release notes, and other members-only materials.  This means I can provide you with the best options as I will be well informed and ahead of the game.

5 | A community of experts

Because running a business can be tiring, and somewhat difficult at times, being a member of Squarespace Circles means I am part of a community.  The Circle forum gives me peer-to-peer product support, trade tips and tricks, and the ability to receive and provide feedback.  This means you can rest assured that your website design and development is in good hands.

6 | Squarespace Circle Badge

Krishna Solanki Designs - Squarespace Circle Member

Ok so this one is more for me than you, but you can rejoice in the fact that you are, or could be, working with a creative professional who builds websites on Squarespace that actually knows what they are doing! I’ve added this official Squarespace Circle Badge to my website to give all my clients and potential clients that peace of mind.

Right so now you are aware that I am a Squarespace Circle member and that this has benefits for you, if you are in need of a new website or an update feel free to drop me a line or take a look at my work to see if we would be a great fit to work together!
I love being able to help small businesses owners so feel free to get in touch and I can easily arrange a no-strings attached skype call.

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