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Happy New Year! FREE : 2018 Printable Calendar

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There’s something about a new year that gets me all excited and motivated to achieve bigger, better things - both for my business and personal life.  It’s like I can really draw a line, step over it and start with a new kind of thinking.

Silly I know, as it's only another date in the calendar, but it just feels like a clean break, especially after Christmas and the big break I like to take.

Today I wanted to share some updates I have “planned” for the next few months, and also give you my first FREEBIE of the year! :)

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I say “planned” because I’ve set some really loose goals (one I know that is more planned then not! ;) ) that I want to achieve this year.  I don't strictly believe in setting a concrete plan, because

  1. it's scary to meticulously plan right down to the very last aspect, and

  2. Sometimes the best ideas come from being spontaneous

So yea, a few things I have in store for 2018:

A streamlined blog

Having reviewed my articles and blog towards the end of last year, I wanted to streamline my blog to concentrate on providing awesome articles on Design, Branding, Squarespace, Business, and I can't forget Freebies (My first of hopefully many freebies is below, but don't skip to that just yet!!)

A new member of my Team

Well this isn’t really what you are thinking...hah.. I’m not adding a member to my business team, but rather, we will be adding a new member to my family in April.  That’s right folks, Solanki Baby 2 is in the oven!

Freebies and products

Because I strongly believe in giving back and appreciate everyone, including me, loves a good freebie and quality products, I wanted to share that I have some plans to share many more freebies over the next few months.  I also plan to create some extremely useful products that will help you with branding and designing.  Watch this space for more information on that.

But for now.. Here is my first freebie for you, a 2018 printable calendar.

FREE : 2018 Printable Calendar

Feel free to download and print this as you see fit!  

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not a strict planner but having a loose idea of what I want to achieve, and giving it a due date, can really help so I hope you find this free 2018 printable calendar really useful!

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE : 2018 Printable Calendar