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The Pros & Cons Of Listing Your Prices On Your Website

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Listing your prices on your website is a hot topic for many small business owners.  I’ve seen this topic being raised in so many Facebook groups, time and time again. I totally get it, you want to give your potential clients enough information to make an informed choice, but you don’t want to give ALL the information away, especially when it comes to pricing.

“But hang on, if I list my prices, I won’t have to have that awkward conversation with them” - I hear you say!!

Well, I’ve created a list of pros and cons for listing your prices on your website….

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Pro 1 | It’s what potential clients want to see

Believe it or not, a lot of people prefer to know what they are getting before they make an enquiry.  It’s so much easier as, a potential customer, to be able to compare services, prices, and offerings if everything is laid out on a website, in plain view. I know I would definitely like to see:

  1. What’s included in “the package/service”

  2. What the deliverables are, and,

  3. What the investment amount is

I personally, prefer knowing these 3 things when I look to hire someone's services as it also gives me an idea of their capabilities.

Pro 2 | It helps weed out potential clients that could be a bad fit

This is a big advantage of listing your prices on your website.  Being able to quickly weed out clients that may not be able to afford your services will save you both time.  It saves your potential clients time as they are able to see straight away if they can afford your services, saving them the time to draft, write and send an email, and it saves you time in replying to inquiries that will never pan out.
This also means that the potential clients that do enquire have more than likely seen your prices and services and are more than happy to go ahead.

Pro 3 | Transparency helps saves time and builds trust

Being open and clear about your pricing from the get-go creates transparency and builds trust with your potential new client.  They get to see exactly what they are getting.  This also means there is no assumption that “no price means a high price”.  All this builds trust as there are no nasty surprises or extra added on prices, which can often feel like you are being conned.

Con 1 | Less engagement with potential clients

It is true, that if you list your prices on your website, the level of engagement with your potential client is less.  You won’t have that opportunity to talk to your potential client or sell them your product/service.  By leaving the pricing OFF your website you are forcing them to get in touch to find out more, giving you the chance to sell to them, however, that’s not a guaranteed new client either.  

Con 2 | Your competition gets to see your rates

Although I am a big advocate for community over competition I can totally understand by listing your prices on your website you automatically make yourself vulnerable to your competition as they are able to see your rates and could undercut you.

Con 3 | A one-price fits all may not suit your services/product

Sometimes a one price fits all may not work for your product or service that you offer. For example, you may provide a custom quote based on very specific requirements, in which case listing your prices on your website wouldn't work for you.  Saying this, a good workaround could be to state a “Starting from XX” price or to provide a range.

In conclusion, I am in major favour of prices being listed on your website as long as you have also stated what is included and what the final deliverables are. This is what I have done for my branding, website design and startup package and it definitely helps me.

What are your thoughts on listing prices on your website?
Do you list your prices?