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I like to know what I’m working on, on a daily basis when it comes to my small business. As much as creating lists on Asana (the project management tool I use) is great, I always write down what I want to get done for that day and the top 3 priorities I need to accomplish.

Then there’s the daily “keeping track of how much water I drink” task…
And the fruit intake too...

In a nutshell, I end up writing all this down using traditional pen and paper, so naturally, instead of just scribbling it down I figured I would create a Daily Planner, and I wanted to share it with you for FREE…..

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Feel free to save, download, and print my FREE daily planner to help you keep track of your daily tasks, water intake (because let’s be honest, we all need to keep hydrated so whether you keep track of the number of glasses or mugs or litres (!) you drink..mark it off!)..oh and also your fruit intake!

I’ve even added a “Top 3”, “Notes” and something I find really handy - a “Things to do tomorrow” section - which just is just great for reminding me about the things I need to finish off!

What’s really great is that you can print off as many as you like and add the date on the top so, really… you could print off 5 on Monday morning (or Sunday night if you plan for the week on Sunday!) and write out your daily actions for each day and then have this to refer to every morning!

I hope you enjoy this freebie and find it as useful as I do, let me know what kind of freebies you would love to have..and I will see what I can do! :)