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5 Things You Need To Know About Preparing For A Rebrand

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You’re already an established business. You have a brand, and you have decided it’s time for a rebrand. Exciting times ahead!! As exciting as it is, it can also be quite daunting.  I mean you’ve actively taken a positive step towards making an investment, with not only your money, but your time. You want to get this right! It’s important to get it right.

So what’s the next step?

I’m going to share 5 unmissable tips that you should definitely consider (action!) when preparing for a rebrand….

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Over the last few years, I have worked with many business owners who have come to me because they are in need of a rebrand.  They needed to refresh their existing logo, brand elements, and ultimately felt that they had outgrown their current brand, this leads me to my first point…

1 | Be sure you’re doing it for the right reasons

When considering a rebrand it’s super important to ensure you are doing it for all the right reasons.  If you can relate to the following, then maybe it’s time to think to rebrand:

  • You have had a change in business direction

  • You are attracting the wrong clientele

  • You have lost your way a little and your branding has become inconsistent

  • You need to update or modernise the look and feel of your business

  • You have outgrown your original brand

Don’t get me wrong, I love rebranding a business but ultimately it’s about what is best for your business (your business vision and goals).  This is why whenever I speak to a potential branding client I always ask WHY they are looking to rebrand.  It’s such an important question.
If they say anything along the lines of “because they are bored of their existing branding” or “because they love XYZ’s branding” then that is a big no no to rebrand.
Did you see I recently rebranded Mela Jewellery and Escape and Create

2 | Do your homework (pre-project rebrand homework) properly

I have a process where I ask my clients to do some pre-project homework, this includes some fun tasks on Pinterest and also to complete a branding questionnaire.  This is so important not just for me, but also you. It helps you to really dig deep into the heart of your business and brand.
If you’re considering to rebrand your business then it’s important for you to know the nitty gritty details of your business and brand.
Knowing things like:

  • Who your ideal client/customer is (especially if your clientele has changed)

  • What your USP is

  • Where you see your business in the future (think 1 year down the line and then 3 years down the line as well!)

The questions are all part of my branding workbook - If you’re interested in getting your hands on it, why not send me a quick email!
The homework really is one of the most important tasks involved in a rebrand, therefore if I was you, I would definitely make sure you do it thoroughly, and also ask questions if you’re not sure.  It’s ok to ask questions!

3 | Don’t under estimate the amount of time you will need

Rebrands take time. They are not something to be rushed.  When preparing for a rebrand keep in mind that the whole process from start to finish takes time.  From the initial point of contact, to receiving the homework, to completing it and ensuring we’re both on the same page, to then starting the design, revision rounds, and then sign off and to launch.
A lot of time goes into the whole process, so make sure you have set time aside in your calendar.  Trust me, your designer will thank you and it will make the whole process even more enjoyable knowing that your 100% committed.

4 | Write a list of all the elements that would need to be redesigned

This is a biggie that most people forget about. Quick question - Do you know all the different areas that your logo appears?
I’m talking, business cards, email signature, facebook page, any PDF handouts, promotional postcard.. And last but not least, your website!
Your logo and brand elements should be reflected on all areas of your business - online, offline, and in communication. When it comes to a redesign all these areas matter as they are the areas that then need to be updated once your rebrand is in process/complete. Therefore, don’t leave it to the last minute to collate this information, like point 3 above, make sure you give yourself time to get organised.  Plan ahead.
Tip - You can even use this list to make sure you have all the right element designed for you so that nothing gets left behind or forgotten!

My branding package is deliberately flexible to ensure you get all the designed elements you require.

5 | Do your research to find the right designer for you  

Last but not least, do your research to find the right designer for you.  Design is really subjective, and every designer has their own style - their own USP, therefore it’s really worth taking your time to make sure your both on the same page. It’s equally important to make sure you are both a good fit for each other, as well as the project being a good fit.

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A rebrand can take your business to new heights and is a great investment for if you do it for the right reasons, are committed and have done your homework.
It can be scary, but with the right designer it can be a breeze!
If you’re interested in working together on your rebrand, why not get in touch and drop me a line to get the ball rolling with a no strings attached chat?