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FREE : Daily Planner

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I like to know what I’m working on, on a daily basis when it comes to my small business. As much as creating lists on Asana (the project management tool I use) is great, I always write down what I want to get done for that day and the top 3 priorities I need to accomplish.

Then there’s the daily “keeping track of how much water I drink” task…
And the fruit intake too...

In a nutshell, I end up writing all this down using traditional pen and paper, so naturally, instead of just scribbling it down I figured I would create a Daily Planner, and I wanted to share it with you for FREE…..

Happy New Year! FREE : 2018 Printable Calendar

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There’s something about a new year that gets me all excited and motivated to achieve bigger, better things - both for my business and personal life.  It’s like I can really draw a line, step over it and start with a new kind of thinking.

Silly I know, as it's only another date in the calendar, but it just feels like a clean break, esp after Christmas and the big break I like to take.

Today I wanted to share some updates I have “planned” for the next few months, and also give you my first FREEBIE of the year! :)

FREE : The Struggle Is Real But I Can Do It - Wallpapers

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This week I changed my working hours in my part-time gig.  I worked my first Monday, in an office, in over 4 years - It means I get Friday's off but I genuinely felt the Monday morning work struggle!
It took me a while to adjust and switch my brain on and into work mode.  Off the back of that, I needed to get my creative juices flowing, and so, what better way than to create something to help motivate me!...A wallpaper for my iMac and my iPhone.

I couldn't keep it to myself as so feel free to download it for yourself too! 

FREE : Hard work always pays off - Art print

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - “Hard work always pays off”.   Not so long ago I shared a desktop and mobile wallpaper freebie.  Sticking to the same saying I wanted to share an art print with the same motto. 

FREE : Hard work always pays off - Art print

I know you are probably thinking “why the same phrase?”, well, it’s because I am a strong believer in it.  Not only that, but there are so many hard workers out there that I think those individuals need a little “pick me up”, a little reminder that they are working towards greater things that are yet to come!!

So folks, go ahead, download, print, and pin up this reminder in your work space.