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New "Design only" Package Offering

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Yay!! So more and more recently I've learnt and realised a few things.

1 | Not all clients want a Squarespace website - because they have their own cogs and wheels already ready.  They just want a website that looks amazing!

2 | I'm really passionate about branding, and that logo design is always better off as part of that package.

Because of both these things I have decided to introduce a new package to my services, which is purely design based!

I'm over thrilled to introduce you to Daffodil. The Design only package.

Daffodil - The product offering for startups, small businesses and side-hustlers.jpg

It's pretty straight forward, but I'll give a quick overview anyway.

Some startups, small businesses or side hustlers are already up and running but they find themselves in a pickle where they don't need a whole website built in Squarespace, but they do need the design.
Along with the designs, they realised their branding is out of whack and therefore, that needs some love and attention too.  Obviously, you can't forget business cards and social media graphics to match so then that's included too.

So there you have it.
A new package perfect for those startups, side-hustler, and entrepreneurs that simply want amazing design.