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New Brand and Website For Discovery Analytical Consulting Ltd

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John contacted me a few weeks after our consult call and told me he and his client, Mark, were very impressed and that they wished to move forward with starting the project.  Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity as I have never created a brand or website for a scientist who works with pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  This was going to be interesting, and exciting at the same time! I couldn't wait to start!

New Brand and Website For Dr Jesal Pankhania

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There are so many aspects of designing a new brand and website that I genuinely don't think I could pinpoint my favourite part.

From the excitement of seeing the pinned items on the Pinterest homework that my client has completed to reading and understanding the business style, personality and values they want their new brand to encompass, all the way through to the challenge of ensuring their new brand is strong and distinct.

It’s a fun creative challenge that I thoroughly enjoy.

Dr Jesal Pankhania, an award-winning dentist, philosopher and mentor approached me last year to help clarify how he should organise and collect his interests.  He wanted to bring his already thriving philosophy blog - “Ink stains for your brain” - together with his new venture of providing Mentoring and Dentistry advice and guidance, all under one roof, one name, one brand.His main concern was how to create this “new world”.

As we discussed the project, it became clear that a personal brand would be the best fit for Jesal.  His emphasis on being able to provide advice, guidance and information meant that this project would be unlike any other I have taken on.  There was a lot to keep in mind throughout the whole project.  It wasn’t going to be as straight forward as other projects, and, if I am honest, that really excited me!

Krishna Solanki Designs - Dr Jesal Pankhania - Brand board.jpg

1 | Client homework

Like every branding and website design project I always ask my client to complete a few required tasks beforehand so I get a better understanding of their needs.  It’s a really important stage.
As part of the questions, I asked Jesal to describe his new brand with a few adjectives.

Jesal said:

  • Smooth

  • Clear

  • Direct

  • Simple

  • Minimalist

  • Classy

  • Clean

  • Funky

  • Modern

I also asked Jesal to create a Pinterest board, and pin items he felt visually represented the look and feel he wanted in his new brand.  I do this with all my branding and website design projects as it gives me a good idea of the styles and colours they are drawn too.

2 | Moodboard

With all the homework complete, I can start to collect my ideas and create a moodboard.  Also known as an inspiration board, this gives me and Jesal an idea of the visual representation of the brand I will be designing.  A moodboard is a collection of images and colours that I can use as a reference point at every stage of the project, in particular, the design stages.

This is what Jesals moodboard looked like:

The moodboard oozes clear, classy but funky and modern, doesn't it?
This is definitely one of my favourite moodboards to date!

3 | Logo Concepts

It was awesome to read Jesal was really happy with the moodboard - it got signed off right away and that meant I could now start on the designing the most important aspect of the visual brand - the logo.

I had quite a few different ideas floating around in my head, and I wanted to explore using negative space.  Jesal was a fan of this as I could see he had pinned quite a few cleverly designed logos on his Pinterest board.

Here were the 3 concepts I came up with:

I always create logo concepts in black and white as every logo should work well in one flat colour - this helps to ensure the type, the graphic element and the composition work well together before adding any colour.

Experimenting with a few san serif fonts, which are naturally modern looking as they are clean and clear was fun, adjusting the tracking of the characters really helped as well.

Jesal was torn between concept 3, where he liked the font and placement, but also really liked the idea of playing with the J and P as the other two concepts showed.

That led me to create a merged concept of the logos and I presented the first revision round of concept logos:

I was slightly biased but when Jesal told me he loved the same one I did (concept 2) I was really excited.  I designed a secondary logo for him to give him a little more flexibility in his new brand, too. 

4 | Brand Board

Putting the brand board together really bought his brand together. Being able to see how to keep the brand consistent and seeing the other visual elements, such as the colour palette, logo variation, submark/watermark, patterns really helped.

5 | Collateral items and splash page

Once the brand board was complete and signed off I created the business cards: media graphics...

Krishna Solanki Designs - Dr Jesal Pankhania  - Twitter graphics.jpg


..and put up a splash page (coming soon page) that anyway visiting his new website would be welcomed by a correctly branded front page and social media links.

6 | Squarespace Website

The last step in the design process was to design Jesals Squarespace website.  Jesal had a lot of text he needed and wanted to share on his website, he also had numerous testimonials from people for the different offerings he has.

It was important to be able to showcase that Jesal has 3 very distinct areas that are interrelated but are standalone in their own right.

This meant a few things.  The design needed to:

  • Be clear but to the point,

  • Be a way of showcasing the testimonials nicely and with reference to the relevant area,

  • Show call to actions on every page


I’m thrilled with how this new brand and website design turned out for Jesal.  I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Check out the live site - Dr Jesal Pankhania.

What do you think of the new brand and website for Dr Jesal Pankhania?

New Brand and Website for My Sweet Success

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The scary thing about starting a new business is that sometimes you may not realise what you want with regards to design or that you have everything in mind and you are trying to make it happen but you lack the design experience or design know-how.
When you want your business up and running, and you've tried to make the website yourself but it's just not quite right and you don't have the time to fix it...what do you do?

It's always a treat to work with a client that has done as much as they can themselves but they realise they need help; they have a better understanding of the project in hand and are happy to delegate the job.

Well, that is exactly what Lynne Taggart of My Sweet Success did.
When Lynne contacted me she already knew what she was after and needed a professional to take care of it.  She had a logo which had been previously designed but was looking for a brand and Squarespace website.  After a consultation she realised she would also like a new logo and so she signed up for the Startup package.

I'm really proud of the final product.  I have to say, its been an absolute joy to work on and I'm super happy to share the creative process today.

MSS - brand board

1 | Client homework

At the beginning of any project, I always ask my clients a set of questions about their business vision and goal for their brand and website.  As part of this client homework, I also ask them to pin some images they feel represent their vision on a Pinterest board.


I love this part of the project as I get to see what my clients are really drawn too and this ultimately sets the brand.
Lynne said her ideal client will be an entrepreneur in her 20s/30s and desires a laptop lifestyle with the freedom to travel.  She used the following adjectives to describe the feeling of her brand "luxurious, feminine, powerful".

I couldn't help but peek at Lynne's Pinterest board and I was so excited!! Her board were exuding with luxury and femininity. I could wait to get started!!

pinterest screengrab.jpg

2 | Moodboard

Going through Lynne's Pinterest board and finding the pins I felt best suited her adjectives was straight forward.  I compiled the images to created a moodboard

MSS - moodboard

The cerise pink added so much brightness to the board, and the gold gave it the luxury feel.  The blush colour of the pink roses gave it the feminity, softening the whole brand altogether. yet the strong burgundy and black bought in the power aspect.

A moodboard is great for a few reasons. Not only does it ensure Lynne and I are on the same page with the direction of the visual brand elements but it also helps me develop the next stages of the project.

3 | Logo

One of the main elements that really stood out on the moodboard was the idea of a rose.  Lynne also really liked this aspect and was keen to incorporate this into the logo.  I kept that in mind and after a few revisions these were the 3 final concepts that were developed.

MSS - logo concepts

Lynne loved this direction as the rose was just the perfect prominence against the monogram MSS.  In previous iterations, I had created the rose with much more boldness but Lynne preferred the silhouette approach more.  I have to agree with her, this was the perfect balance of feminine and powerful.
Lynne chose the second logo concept, which I think is the best out of the three!

MSS - Final logo

After the logo was signed off I designed a secondary logo to give Lynne flexibility, and also created a variety of round versions of the primary.  The round versions are great for profile pictures.  I also created a submarket which, we used as the favicon for the website.

By creating these brand elements, it makes it easier to keep consistency on other elements like collateral.  So by this point Lynne is set up with a new logo, with variations, a colour palette, a submark and 2 fonts.  Her new brand is complete.

4 | Collateral

With the brand complete it's time to get started on the social media graphics.  In this case, Lynne didn't want any Twiter graphics and so we decided to swap this element for a PDF opt-in template instead.

MSS - collateral items

Using the colour palette I used the cerise pink as the main heading colours to really help elevate the feminine aspect.
I love how these all turned out.

5 | Website

Whilst working on the brand and collateral elements, Lynne has second thoughts about the Squarespace template choice.  Although this does change the project in hand to some extent it is best that Lynne is happy with her template choice before any work is carried out on designing her website.  So she was required to revisit her website requirements before moving forward.
It didn't take long for Lynne to decide on what she was really after and luckily this didn't hinder the timescales either.

Lynne was really keen on big imagery and getting new clients to sign up but also explain to her clients about how to achieve their life of luxury goals.  There really was a lot Lynne wanted to get across so to break up the page I included images and created "blush boxes" to break up the page and text.


The gold bar (under the main headings) and gold buttons really broke up the text as well and reinforced the luxury aspect.  I love the blush boxes too! they really helped break the pages up.
Click here to see it for yourself.

Lynne was a really awesome client to work with. She knew what she wanted from the start and wanted to take that worry off her mind.  I delivered an awesome brand and website with collateral items to ensure Lynne has a professional look to her new business.

What do you think about this new brand and website for My Sweet Success?

New brand and website for Steakizmo

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When Bhav (short for Bhavesh) first approached me in October 2014 about creating his start up, Steakizmos', visual brand identity and website, I was slightly hesitant.   I am strong believer in not mixing friendship and business, and Bhav is a good friend of mine and my family's.  I find there is a fine line and it can very easily get blurred if the "rules" are not set from the start.
After our initial conversation I was certain of a few things, Bhav is a well prepared and focused.  This in itself made working on this project a pleasure.

For the new Steakizmo brand and website I am excited (and slightly nervous!) to take you behind the scene and show you how the brand and website was created.


Bhav had a clear vision of what he wanted the Steakizmo brand to represent - clean, crisp, modern, strong, bold/powerful, clinical (but not medical). These key words were essential for me to use and build upon, he also had in mind what colours he wanted to use, or rather, what colours would personify the Steakizmo brand.  This again made some of the process a easier, as well as some photography he already possessed.  

This was the basis of the Steakizmo moodboard.


Now as a client, Bhav was always very polite and presenting the moodboard was a relaxed situation.  He gave me his feedback on his inital thoughts and we disucssed the positives and negatives of what was presented. 
At this point in time, the moodboard I had presented was a real representation of what I believe the brand and website could develop from.  I also realised that I needed more input from Bhav, and that to some extent I needed to tone down my ideas to get his ideas from him.  I need to get them out of his head and across to me!
(Thats when I started thinking about my processes in the background - more on this in another blog post - keep your eyes peeled!)

As the Steakizmo moodboard was signed off by Bhav, and it was confirmed we were going in the right direction, I began to think about fonts.  I could see from the moodboard that something strong and clean would match perfectly with the sharp imagery and bold colours.

Bhav liked the simple san serif font choice I made which really stood out.
From there I created a few alternate logos so Bhav could see the arrangement and because sometimes having a submark or variation can work wonders in certain layouts - horizontal layouts don't always work for square images (think profile pictures).


Once the logo was set and the brand had visual direction, I started working on the website design.
Bhav was a fan of the one page layout and requested if the design could reflect this.  I thought this was a brilliant idea especially as the website was informational only at this stage.


Lastly, once the website design was signed off I created the bespoke website responsively (suitable for viewing on phones and tablets) using Inuit CSS and SASS.  

You can check out the Steakizmo brand and website here.

I hope this new brand and website for Steakizmo really captures the vision that Bhav had at the very start.  I'm truly honoured that he trusted me with the visual identity of his start up and I'm super happy with the final result.

What are your thoughts on the Steakizmo brand and website?