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Writing Your About Me Page - Questions You Should Ask

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When I first set up my website I knew what pages I wanted. I knew I wanted a Portfolio, a Blog, an About me, and a Work With Me page detailing my packages and process, and obviously a Homepage. It was quite straight forward.  All the pages were quite self-explanatory, but when it came to actually detailing these pages I was surprisingly stuck on what to write on my "About me" page.

More recently, as my business has evolved I've started to revisit my pages as I think it's quite important to make sure your website reflects your business changes over time.
That is why today I am going to share the 5 questions you should answer to help you write your About Me page, whether you are writing it for the first time or reviewing what you have previously written.

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Writing You About Me Page - Questions You Should Answer

I know I find it super difficult to write about myself. It's really not my "thing".  In a nutshell, your About Me should inform your reader of who you are, what you do, why you do it and why you are the best choice for them.  There is a fine line between adding personality and being too personal on your about page, so getting the balance right is important.

1 | What's in it for your client/readers/audience?

Your About page needs to be tailored to let your readers know what you can give them.  You can share the information about you later on, but first and foremost they will be interested in how you are going to help them and if you are their perfect client/customer.
Questions to ask yourself:

  • What does your client/reader/audience gain from reading your blog/signing up to your newsletter/working with you?
  • How do you help them solve they problems/issues they face?

2 | Who your business for?

Why not make it even clearer and state exactly who your business is for.  Make it so obvious they can't avoid it or misunderstand it.  This will shout out to them and remove any doubts that they may have.  Doing this can also make the reader feel that little bit more connected to your business, hence, they are one step closer to wanting to work or connect with you!
Questions to ask yourself:

  • Who is your ideal client/reader/audience?

3 | Why should someone work with you? - Your business bio

Ok, so you have explained how you can help your ideal audience, what's next?  you could talk about yourself now, but it's probably a better idea to tell them how what you can offer will benefit them, what service do you provide? If you have a blog, what do you write about?  Have you won any awards for your work? Been mentioned in any magazines/papers/articles - these can be online or offline.  Now is the time to mention why your business is credible, and you can even delve a little into how you got started.
Questions to ask yourself:

  • Why should someone work with you?
  • What service do you provide? If you blog, what do you blog about?
  • Have you received any recognition for your work?

4 | What has led you to work in this field/industry? - It's all about you

Now that you have really got everything across it's time to share who the brain behind it all is. Talk about you!  It's important to make sure you share about your life, but keep it related to your business.  Don't forget you can add personality as well, this makes you more approachable, just be careful you don't overdo it.
Questions to ask yourself:

  • What has led you to work in this field/industry?
  • How did you start your business, is there a personal attachment - share this.

5 | Links!

Most people forget this but it's quite important.  You have reached out to your audience, you have spoken to them, and they are ready to take action, to sign up to your newsletter or book your services, but they can't take that action. Why?.. because you haven't provided links, or buttons or call to actions which direct them to the right page or place.  It's not only clever, but it's smart to add "Call to Actions" in and potentially throughout your About page.
Examples and places to add your CTA's

  • When talking about your services, link to your services page
  • Provide a "subscribe to my/our newsletter!" when you mention something like "I share great tips and advice on XX"

Did you struggle to write your About page?  If my tips helped you, let me know, I'd love to hear your feedback.