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The dark side of branding - Guest post for Nora Conrad

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For a while now I have been contemplating to write about the pitfalls of bad branding. It was on my "to-do" list for AGES!...

Then, after a few conversations with a good friend of mine, Nora Conrad, I took the plunge and decided to submit a guest post idea to Nora, for her blog. 

Luckily she loved it and made me her first ever guest post article on her site!... (yay! *happy dance*)

I was super chuffed with the way it turned out and it is so helpful for any individual, small business, startup or creative entrepreneur who has faced bad branding days themselves.

My article talks about:

  • the branding basics
  • 5 reasons why branding can go wrong
  • 6 ways to fix your bad branding issues

Why not head over to the Nora Conrad website and check out the article.

Happy reading!