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Tips to Get You Out of That Creative Funk!

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So last week I was sat working on a project and was totally stumped! I just could not get around to getting the last bit of this PT PLUS Prezi done.  I've had the same feeling when I was stuck on a design project and even felt this way when writing a blog post a few weeks ago.

I was just stuck in a "funk". Call it a creative block, writers block, or like I just said.. a funk! I was stuck and just couldn't get the job in hand done.

I realised I needed to get myself of out this situation as I was being so unproductive.  I'm sure I am not alone is saying that sometimes your brain just doesn't put itself into gear and you are just sat there wondering what to do... That's what I was doing anyway! 

In today's post I want to share the tricks I use to help me get out of unproductive funk! Whether you call it designers block or writers block, I hope you are able to take away some tips from today's post!

Tips to Get You Out of That Creative Funk

1 | Take a break

It really is as simple as it sounds. Instead of outing yourself harder to get it done and trying to complete it, just take a break. Browse the internet, read an article, sit on Pinterest. Those are some of the things I find myself doing when I just can't get "it" right. Pushing myself harder to finish it will only result in rushing to get the task done - and lets be honest, when you rush something its never given 100% attention, so in that way you are still going to be delivering something thats not your best. Instead, just take a break... I really don't; think I can stress it enough - it really does help!

2 | Step away from your screen

Instead of sitting in front of your computer screen why not step away from your screen, take a walk, grab a coffee, meet up with some friends, or in my case go shopping or FaceTime someone you need to catch up with - for me, thats usually my sisters! Being able to just clear your mind of the task in hand can help you gain a new perspective. You can then get back to your screen with fresh eyes and a fresh mind!

3 | Listen to some music

Inspiration can happen at anytime. Last week I found myself getting a little repetitive in my design. I noticed I need to switch it up but I was lacking drive. So my solution - listen to some music to energise me and get me focused.  The strange thing was, I was tapping my foot away whilst listening to the songs on Spotify and my eye glanced over to the album cover.. and low and behold, there was something in the album cover design that just jumped out to me and inspired me to try a similar thing for my design.

Sure it helped, can't say it was the solution, but turning my attention to something else for a second really helped.

4 | "ME" time

This is one of my favourite tricks.  Usually when I get to this stage I know I am almost burnt out so it feels almost well deserved.  Totally taking time away from the task, from the screen and from design/blogging helps a bunch. Just switching off from the whole thing is better than clinging on and thinking you NEED to do it.  For me, designing is a passion. I hate that feeling of stressing myself out over a design as to me, it feels like I am stifling my passion, and the best way to feel better about it is to not do it for a while.  Thats usually like a weekend from me.  But still taking that time for myself, recouping and recharging my batteries can do wonders for my creative funk.

5 | Nap it out

Tiredness is a major creative killer i find. You can end up being like a zombie.  That's not a good look, trust me. Tried and tested it! Instead, if you need to reboot take a quick power nap.  A little shut eye can give you that break you need in order to refresh your thoughts. or lack of in some cases!  I find that power naps work well for me, but they can’t be longer than 20 mins otherwise I get groggy and can’t snap out of that either!! (Only pizza fixes that..hmm!)

6 | Switch up your projects

When I was stuck on finalising that PT PLUS Prezi I realised I had no more in me to give.  I couldn’t nap, I couldn’t go shopping or take that  “me time”. Instead I just switching projects!  I started working on a branding project.  It was actually two branding projects. One for a Health and Wellbeing startup and the other for a vehicle sourcing startup. The point is, taking your mind off one project and switching it up and working on another project can get you well out of that creative funk.. and you still remain productive!

7 | Let your creative juices flow else where

Being a creative person I find that I also like to dabble in other creative things. For me, its arts and crafts.  It could be you are interested in drawing, doodling, stitching, anything. Let your creative mind get carried away in other forms really can help!

So there you have it.  A few tricks and tips on getting you out of your creative funk.
What do you do to help yourself? Have you tried any of my tricks?