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How to Keep Your Side Hustle on Track When You Have a Full Time Job

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There are so many side hustlers, like me, out there.  Whether you are just starting out with your side hustle, orit is an already thriving business, either way, it is your side hustle because you also have a full-time job.
The issue is, you LOVE your side hustle so much and you want to eventually make it full time but "now" is not the right time….
Sound familiar? - I hear ya.. I'm in the same spot!!  
For the time being you have to balance it all, learn how to keep your side hustle strong but also keep at your full-time job.
Today I wanted to share some tips I have learnt to keep my side hustle on track whilst currently being employed full time (and being a mum to a toddler and a wifey too).

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1 | Realise sleep is a distant dream

When you work full time and you work on your side hustle you realise you end up working all kinds of random hours. Somehow it just doesn't seem like you have enough hours in the day, especially as you end up squeezing in maybe an hour before work, an hour or 2 after work and if you can manage it then you also working during your lunch break!  It's not long before you realise you are working all the hours possible on both your full-time job and side hustle too.  - That was me, and still is!!
One thing I have realised is, the number of hours doesn't increase (durr!) but you do wear yourself thin, so it's important to remember everyone needs sleep!! Your mind, body and energy will all slowly start getting zapped so make sure you take that much needed time out to actually get a bit of shut-eye and rest.
Your side hustle will thank you for it!

2 | Set goals

When I first started my side hustle it was plain sailing. I would do whatever work I wanted and came my way.  I enjoyed it and it wasn't long before I realised I wanted to do this all the time.  So I decided to the set myself a goal - the biggest was to be a full-time freelancer. That's the ultimate goal.  To achieve that I set myself smaller goals, which were slightly out of my comfort zone. I decided on the following goals:

  •     Goal 1 : Book, at least, X clients this year
  •     Goal 2 : Start blogging
  •     Goal 3 : Actively network
  •     Goal 4 : Increase my email list following

There are a bunch of smaller goals I set as well in order to meet these bigger goals, but the idea was to break down where I wanted to be, how I would get there and actively make each step actionable in order to be achievable.

3 | To do lists

After setting all the goals possible and creating my actionable steps I starting creating lists.  To Do lists in order to keep me on track for each goal.  Either at the start of each day or towards the end of the day I will sit down and list the things I want to accomplish for that day and make sure they are do-able given the timeframe.
So for example:

  1.     Sign up to MailChimp
  2.     Set up my MailChimp profile
  3.     Research how to set up individual blog posts as newsletters
  4.     Create template for my newsletter

Being able to set actionable goals with a to-do list means it's easier to plan my time.  This leads me to the next point.

4 | Plan your time wisely

If you are able to plan your time wisely it will make you more efficient.  Efficiency drives motivation as you can see you are progressing and that's exactly what you want.  Some people will find that they work better in the morning, others will work better in the evening once the family is in bed!  Find what works for you and plan your tasks around that.

5 | Automate

There are certain tasks I know I can automate in my side hustle that will make my life easier, and my processes more streamlined.  Automating means you don't physically need to spend the time to "do" the task, as with a little planning you can use certain tools/software that will help you automate these tasks, thus freeing up your time to carry out other tasks.
Since creating my blog, I have learnt I can automate the following:

  •     publishing my blog posts
  •     sending these blog posts every week to my subscribers (as newsletters)
  •     sending out welcome emails to my subscribers
  •     scheduling my social media posts
  •     creating canned emails

It generally depends on the nature of your side hustle, but if you are repeating certain tasks, monthly, weekly, or even daily, there is probably a tool or software that can help you automate these tasks. Take a bit of time out to figure what you can automate and how and trust me, it will save you time in the long run!

6 | Outsource

With automating certain tasks, you can save time.  But what if you need to save time doing the other errands like marketing, finalising blog posts, sending emails, or follow up emails.
It could be worth considering outsourcing these tasks.  Hiring "an extra pair of hands" like a VA (virtual assistant) or a family member, can not only save you money but will support you in being able to run/manage/carry out the tasks that only you can do.  This can ultimately save you money as well.
Being an entrepreneur doesn't mean being a solopreneur.  You don't have to do it all yourself.  This leads me to my final tip...

7 | Connect

Being able to talk to other side hustlers can keep you sane.  Not everyone understands the ups, downs, the hard work and number of hours spent on planning each task, the small wins and even the losses. What really helps is being able to talk to other side hustlers in the same spot as you and sharing your stories, stresses and successes.  If you would like to keep in touch feel free to drop me a line or sign up for my newsletters if you haven't already.

What do you do in your side hustle? and how do you manage to keep on top of it all?