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An Introduction to Twitter Chats For Your Small Business, Startup Or Side Hustle

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Not so long ago I took part in my first Twitter chat.  I didn't know what to expect, what to do, or how it was going to go.  All I knew was that it was something I had heard about and it seemed to be quite a popular thing to take part in.
I wrote a blog article about the tips that were shared in my first Twitter chat, which was all about starting your own business, you can read that article here : Starting You Own Business? Check Out These Unmissable Tips

One thing that came out of that first Twitter chat was that I was totally hooked on taking part.  I loved it. It was such a buzz....sounds daft I know.  So today I wanted to share what a Twitter chat is, why they are awesome, and how to get started and get involved.

An Introduction to Twitter Chats For Your Small Business, Startup Or Side Hustle

An Introduction to Twitter Chats For Your Small Business, Startup Or Side Hustle

What is a Twitter chat?

I'm going to keep this simple and straight to the point.  Twitter chat are open discussions on Twitter (Durr!) which are connected together by using the chat hashtag.  The host of the Twitter chat will tweet questions or discussion points and people who are following the chat are able to respond and get involved.

Why are Twitter chats awesome?

Like I said earlier, I got such a buzz from taking part in my first Twitter chat. Dont' get me wrong, I was nervous, but I think that was because I didn't know what to expect.  Here are just a few reasons why Twitter chats are awesome and why you should definitely get involved:

  1. You get to meet and network with other small businesses/bloggers/like minded side hustlers
  2. It's a great way of learning and swapping tips
  3. It's a good way of putting yourself out there on Twitter
  4. It's a good way to build relationships with other people
  5. Great way to gain followers
  6. By sharing your knowledge you are able to show your expertise
  7. They are fast paced and great fun!

How to get started and get involved in your first Twitter chat

It's so easy!...So once you have decided you want to join a chat, all you need to do is get involved at the right time using the right hashtag.
Usually, 5 minutes before the chat is about to start the host will introduce themselves and welcome and encourage the members taking part. It's kind of like an online introduction!
Here are my tips on how to get involved:

  1. Be yourself, and be genuine
  2. Don't forget to use the hashtag for the chat in every tweet (I forget this sometimes, but it's important else your tweet will not show up in the chat)
  3. Remember you only have 140 characters so be concise and friendly
  4. You can always like and retweet to take part as well
  5. Don't worry.. it is fast paced, and that can get overwhelming, but after a bit of practising you will get the hang of it!

Right well, I hope this post was helpful, you can follow me on Twitter - @KrishnaSDesigns.

Have you taken part in a Twitter chat, what were your thoughts? Are there any you recommend joining?