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How to Create a Brand When You Have 2 or More Interests

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I received an email not so long ago from an established professional who was seeking advice on how to create a website based on 2 totally different interests.  He was going round and round in circles and couldn't work out how to make his first move.
After a brief consultation he decided that we would be a perfect fit to work together on his project, so "YAY ME!" but at the same time, I realised his dilemma.  It also crossed my mind that he can't be the only person with multiple interests.
That's where the drive for this post comes into play.

How to Create a Brand When You Have 2 or More Interests

The dilemma

It could be that you have a business already and you also now have a side hustle on the side that has really taken off.  Or, that you naturally have a diverse focus.  The problem is you want to bring all the different diverse elements together, under one roof, but are unsure how so you start asking yourself things like:

  • What would my website domain be?
  • Will it make sense to have two diverse topics?
  • What about the audience? - Is it a good idea to merge the topics together as one audience probably isn't interested in the other?
  • How do I brand "it"?

The solution

You often hear businesses need a focus. To concentrate on one specific niche, but that doesn't work in this situation. So what do you do?

My solution is to focus on the one thing that strings all those different interests together. Find what that is and make that the focus.

Build your business, brand, website, around your focus.

For example, I am a designer and my main profession is creating brand identities and websites, this is also my passion.   Two other passions I have are cooking and sewing. I don't get much time for the later anymore, but I still love to create bespoke items and put needle an thread together.  Now, say for example I set up a blog for my cooking and a blog for my sewing, and they really took off.

It would be really difficult for me to maintain these 3 topics separately and create 3 different brands and websites.  Instead, it makes sense to focus on the one main element that strings all 3 topics together.  That topic is ME.

Therefore it makes much more sense to brand the 3 elements under one roof, under my name.  I would become the brand and I would be able to keep each topic as diverse as they are but all under one focus.

You as the brand

Ok, so you have decided to keep the focus of your diverse topics under one brand.  That brand being you.

What do you do next?

Well, my advice would be to think about creating your personal brand.  Before I give you some tips to help get you started, let's define what a personal brand is.

What is a personal brand?

In a few simple words, a personal brand is how you appear to the world.  So that can be in terms of:

  • who you are (so your skills, passions, and the unique selling points, things that make you unique),
  • how you want to be perceived (by your friends, family, colleagues, clients, and generally speaking your reputation)
  • what you want to achieve

4 Tips for creating your personal brand:

1 | Be yourself

Your personal brand should be a reflection of who you are, that means being authentic. Building around your personality and beliefs creates a sense of truth.  That can build trust and if people trust you then they are more likely to buy into your brand.  Also, people connect with people.  Being yourself is a great way of humanising your brand and making it relatable. 

2 | Grab your digital name

Nothing is more frustrating than setting up your brand and realising that the respective social media handles are taken.  Once you have decided on being yourself and thought of your URL, do your research and secure your digital name across the mediums you wish to be present on.  You don't have to be on ALL of them, but maybe just the ones you find the most relevant.

3 | Create your logo

You don't have to go all crazy and spend thousands on creating your logo but having a visual representation of yourself can make you more memorable not to mention make you stand out.

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4 | Online presence

Now you have your identity in place, and you have secured your digital home and name, its time to build your online presence.  Building a website is one of the best ways to reinforce your personal brand.  It gives you more control over your online presence and it's easier to do than you probably think.  However, don't forget to review this every now and again, and update it when necessary.

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5 | Network

Now because you are your brand you have a broader spectrum and a broader networking area. This is great because you are able to network in multiple areas and still bring it back to you and your passion.

So as you can see, you don't have to create a niche for your interests, you can build upon them as they are and create your personal brand as the main focus.

Remember you are the element that connects the different interests together and so you are your brand.

Have you created your personal brand? how did you go about defining it? I'd love to hear.  If you are struggling with creating your personal brand, or need help with defining your brand why not drop me an email -  I'd be more than happy to hear from you!