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Using Pinterest for client homework

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Pinterest is one of those platforms that is addictive. Once you get going, you can be on there for hours... (clearly not speaking from experience, ehem!! ;) ;) )

It wasn't until recently that I decided to start using this fab social media site for my business. I had already used it personally to pin the million outfits I love, to keep a track of the healthy recipes I want to make, and not so healthy ones too.  But using it for client homework was something that never crossed my mind.  Until now.


When working with a client I have always asked for inspirational keywords, graphics, images, or sites, they have "come across" and have liked.  (All depending on the project of course).  Their input into the process is key and without that, well I would probably end up going round in circles really.  *Que Pinterest homework* - this should help us both!!

The account

If you don't have a Pinterest account, well then thats the first step. To sign up!  You can log in with Facebook, Google and Twitter,  if you didn't want to create a username and password.
Once you are in you can start pinning!  To stay organised I have created a fair few boards - some for my personal stuff and some for my business.  the business ones are named "KSD: xxx".  I have some secret boards too...this is where things get even more fun!

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Creating a secret board

It really couldn't be easier!  All you have to do is find the box thats says "create a secret board" at the bottom of your boards page and click it.
You will be presented with a pop up and you fill it in with the relevant details.
In this case, I have created a secret board for my businesss' brand and website so all the details are for that.  You will notice I have toggled the "Secret" entry to YES - this is so that it is kept secret! (not rocket science really is it! haha!).  Now I have left the "Collaborators" entry box empty as I do not wish to have anyone else collaborate, however I would add my clients email or Pinterest username at this stage to set up a secret board for them to pin to.
I say I would add them, but it would be just as easy for them to add me to their board if they create it themselves.
You then press "create" and voila!! Board created and ready for pinning.

Using Pinterest for client homework

What to pin!

Ok so the board is ready, now what to pin and how to find content.  In the past I have left it to clients to pin whatever they see fit for purpose, however I noticed the board would end up with a billion pins and it would vastly range. Sometimes I couldn't even figure out why they have pinned certain items!

Thats when I refined the process again and decided to restrict them to pin a maximum of 30 pins, and to use keywords like fonts, patterns, colour palettes, etc.  I found its important they describe why they have pinned each item so they are also asked to write what element(s) they like and dislike about each pin.  1-2 comments per pin only.

Here is the pintererst board I created for my business brand and website.

using Pinterest for client homework, KSD board on Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? Do you use it for client homework? Whats your Pinterest process?.. Let me know.. I'd love to hear about it!

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