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Why You Should Grow An Email List For Your Small Business

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For ages, I didn't see this as a priority for my small business. That coupled with not knowing what the benefits of an email list are meant I was missing out on some major business opportunities!

Then one day I decided to set up an email list. I mean, I wasn’t losing anything, if anything I was gaining many things… I just didn't know what.

That is why today I want to share my thoughts and tips on why you should grow an email list for your small business, especially as I’ve learnt the benefits first hand!

New "Design only" Package Offering

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Yay!! So more and more recently I've learnt and realised a few things.

1 | Not all clients want a Squarespace website - because they have their own cogs and wheels already ready.  They just want a website that looks amazing!

2 | I'm really passionate about branding, and that logo design is always better off as part of that package.

Because of both these things I have decided to introduce a new package to my services, which is purely design based!

I'm over thrilled to introduce you to Daffodil. The Design only package.

Daffodil - The product offering for startups, small businesses and side-hustlers.jpg

It's pretty straight forward, but I'll give a quick overview anyway.

Some startups, small businesses or side hustlers are already up and running but they find themselves in a pickle where they don't need a whole website built in Squarespace, but they do need the design.
Along with the designs, they realised their branding is out of whack and therefore, that needs some love and attention too.  Obviously, you can't forget business cards and social media graphics to match so then that's included too.

So there you have it.
A new package perfect for those startups, side-hustler, and entrepreneurs that simply want amazing design.

10 reasons why you should use Prezi in your startup or small business

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I  recently got my hands dirty with using Prezi.  Within a week, I learnt how to make a really whizzbang looking presentation. It took a little time to get together, but I put that down to not having the content ready and in a useable, storyboard/script format, and not knowing what I was doing!
Now I think it's the best presentation tool out there and definitely think it is something that startups and small businesses should be using.

10 reasons why your Startup or small business should be using Prezi

What is Prezi?

Prezi is a presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to traditional programs such as PowerPoint.
It is a cloud-based software and uses a one large virtual canvas that allows you to zoom and pan to better present your material.

How can I use Prezi?

Prezi is really very versatile.  Your small business or startup you can use Prezi straight away.  It could be for a presentation, a company report, or sales pitch, or even a product video.

What do I need to make a Prezi?

Ideally you need an idea of what you want to present - if it's a boardroom style presentation, then have in mind what you want to discuss.  You can then storyboard the presentation and create "frames", which are ultimately like slides in a PowerPoint.
You can then zoom, pan, rotate and animate the frames on a path and use these are discussion points.  You can even fade-in content.

10 reasons why your small business or startup should use Prezi:

1 | Makes you a better presenter

Prezi is a really effective communication tool, trying to get your ideas across without boring your audience can be a task sometimes.  Knowing that you are excited to present a really good-looking, web savvy presentation can make you present in a whole different way. 

2 | Makes your presentation memorable

People are more like to understand and remember your presentation and, therefore, your message when it is has a visual impact. Prezi is all about visual impact and storytelling.

3 | Template or not

You don't have to start from scratch as there are a number of pre-built templates at your disposable.  You can then use them, customise them, or make your own.

4 | Customisable

Being able to change the fonts, colours and add your own company logo can really support your vision.  Prezi allows you to do all of those things so you can keep it in-line with your brand and present confidently.

5 | Media types

Prezi allows you to import and google search images within the canvas and also copy and paste YouTube/Vimeo video at the click of a button.

6 | Impressive

You want to be able to impress your audience and keep them interested.  Prezi is really impressive and can grab your audience's attention from the moment you press the "Present" button.

7 | Easy and fun

Because you can get as creative as you want it's really fun to create and present.  The interactivity is so easy to make it's a no-brainer.

8 | Present offline

With the downloadable apps, you can present your Prezi offline and you don't need an internet connection.  It also means you can create your Prezi whilst on the move.  We all have those "no internet connection" moments so don't worry. You can still keep working!

9 | Device friendly

iPad, iPhone, Andriod, Windows - it's all good. Prezi is device friendly so you can "practice, pitch or present anywhere you go"

10 | Support is always available

The support is great!! They have webinars and training, not to mention the library of articles, videos and tutorials.  All very handy and to the point.

Prezi is such a useful presentation tool I can't imagine you would ever go back to using PowerPoint once you get started.

Are you contemplating using Prezi? I'd love to hear your thoughts on if you are, or if you need any help.  Feel free to leave me a message in the comments below!


The dark side of branding - Guest post for Nora Conrad

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For a while now I have been contemplating to write about the pitfalls of bad branding. It was on my "to-do" list for AGES!...

Then, after a few conversations with a good friend of mine, Nora Conrad, I took the plunge and decided to submit a guest post idea to Nora, for her blog. 

Luckily she loved it and made me her first ever guest post article on her site!... (yay! *happy dance*)

I was super chuffed with the way it turned out and it is so helpful for any individual, small business, startup or creative entrepreneur who has faced bad branding days themselves.

My article talks about:

  • the branding basics
  • 5 reasons why branding can go wrong
  • 6 ways to fix your bad branding issues

Why not head over to the Nora Conrad website and check out the article.

Happy reading!