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10 Self Care Steps You Should Be Making As A Side Hustler or Small Business Owner

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It's hard balancing everything.   Your full-time job, your family life, your personal life, your social life, your health, your side hustle… the list is endless. There is always SOMETHING that needs your attention.

It's hard to say and even harder to implement but it's genuinely very important to take a break from it all once in a while, especially your side hustle or small business.

Recently I shared How to Keep Your Side Hustle on Track When You Have a Full-Time Job, this week I want to share why I think it's important to take a break and 10 self-care steps you should be making as a side hustler or small business owner.

10 Self Care Steps You Should Be Making As a Side Hustler or Small Business Owner

From a very young age, I have always found myself in a position where I manage to multi-task to another level. I've always done more than one task at a time.  Strangely enough, most people would advise against this but I never understood why - You get so much done, faster and it feels great to be so productive all at the same time.

I have a very good eye for detail so in the early days when I made silly mistakes it wasn't for long. Over the years, I have learnt to move faster, get things done quicker and be more productive with fewer costs or overheads.
I've often thought to myself that this is great.  But it suddenly hit me this week.  Bronchitis.

This past week I have felt like pants. I realised I had accidently run myself into the ground trying to juggle all the pieces of my life.  Both my personal life and my professional life (side hustle and full-time job) got a hit of reality.  I managed to come down with bronchitis and it totally knocked me for 6!

As a result, I ended up taking a break and I actually rested.  I didn't touch my laptop for at least 5 days and I took the time out to give my mind and body the rest it needed to rest and recoup.
It was the best thing for me, for my body, my mind, my family, my health, and ultimately my business.  I learnt my lesson the hard way and my business was at a standstill whilst I recovered.  I don't want you to learn that way so here are my 10 self-care tips and actions to a happier, healthier you and therefore business.

1 | Eat healthily

"You are are what you eat" so they say, so eating healthier will ultimately make you feel healthy.  Having breakfast can set you up nicely for the day meaning you can be as productive as possible for the morning stretch.

2 | Drink water

Keeping yourself hydrated can make your skin feel great and can keep your brain properly hydrated. Sounds silly but the right water balance can help you focus, make you more efficient and help you think faster.

3 | Workout

Ok, so you need to keep your mind and body exercised.  It will help you stay healthy and it will keep you energised and therefore more focused.  It can be as simple as running or walking for a few minutes, or even just going up and down the stairs 5 times.

4 | Set clear boundaries

Setting clear boundaries mean you are strict on when you work and when you rest.  Making time to eat your lunch, away from your desk if possible, is a good way to set a healthy working boundary.

5 | Clear your desk

De-cluttering your desk is a great way of giving yourself a break from staring at your screen or that task.  It's also a great way to keep your paperwork up to date.

6 | Create an intentional habit

Pick something small that you want to do and create a habit out of it, it could be as smart as finding a new route home, a more scenic route, or a short cut. Either way, ensuring you turn "it" into a habit means you have deliberately taken steps to help yourself.

7 | Pay attention to your routine

Do you wash your face every day? make sure you cleanse your skin, apply cream and smooth out any blemishes. Your daily routine shouldn't slip away, pay attention to your usual routine and enhance it.

8 | Switch off

Every now and again it's nice to enjoy some peace and quiet. Turn off your phone (or put it in aeroplane mode or silent).  Free yourself from social media and notifications and just switch off.

9 | Be selfish

It's ok to actually do this. The reality is, you shouldn't have to be told to make time for yourself but sometimes in the busyness of work it's easy to stop thinking of yourself.  That's how this all started though isn't it?... Do one thing that makes you happy - focus on your breathing, stare out the window, daydream, listen to music.

10 | Sleep

Sometimes taking a nap and sleeping it off can leave you refreshed and clear minded.  Being able to close your eyes and drift away can help reduce fatigue meaning you can get back to work feeling ready for action.

With a little bit of attention to yourself, you can win in the long run.  Taking care of your business begins with taking care of yourself so don't get lost in trying to "do it all" at 100mph.  Take a break, take it easy and take it one step at a time.

Do you have any self-care tips you do?  How has it helped you or your business?