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4 Ways To Display Testimonials On Your Squarespace Website

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Testimonials are a great way to provide instant credibility and trust to your services or product, especially when they are showcased on your website.
Naturally, you want this to be displayed in a nice, easy to read, and pleasant manner so don’t just throw the words together without formatting or without an image.

Instead, take a look at the 4 ways I am sharing today to display your client testimonials on your Squarespace website so that it is engaging and eye-catching.

Squarespace Website? Don't forget these 10 things!

SquarespaceKrishna SolankiComment

Ok so you have a Squarespace website that you built yourself, you may have got some help from your tech friend too, which is great, but have you completed all the essential areas, mainly in the backend of your site that will help your website look extra professional, work faster and harder for you once you go live?

As a Squarespace circle member and a professional digital designer whose website is on the Squarespace platform, I highly recommend the platform to any small business owner, more about that in this post - 10 Reasons Why Squarespace Is Best For Your Business.

But for now, I wanted to share my top 10 MUST DO things during the setup of a Squarespace website.  You could say this is my “checklist of things to do” before going live LIVE....