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My sweet success

About: Lynne Taggart is an online Success Coach and started My Sweet Success to help entrepreneurial females to design the life of their dreams.

Included: Brand design, website design, social media graphics, one page PDF opt-in, and business cards.

Extra: Read about the My Sweet Success design process in this article on my blog.

"Having Krishna design my brand and website was a breath of fresh air! Her skills and professionalism were just what my project required to reach completion. Krishna gave me the free time I needed to concentrate on the core aspect of my business, coaching. I was able to relax knowing that my website would look professional and polished. Since going live clients have been signing up for my coaching program from all over the world. My website is the perfect showcase for my business, and my branding is attracting all the right clients. I would highly recommend and use Krishna's services again."

Lynne Taggart, My Sweet Success

My Sweet Success - moodboard
My Sweet Success - brand board
My Sweet Success - Website design
My Sweet Success - Business card (front)
My Sweet Success - Business card (back)
My Sweet Success - Facebook graphics
My Sweet Success - One Page PDF Opt-in