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FREE : The Struggle Is Real But I Can Do It - Wallpapers

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This week I changed my working hours in my part-time gig.  I worked my first Monday, in an office, in over 4 years - It means I get Friday's off but I genuinely felt the Monday morning work struggle!
It took me a while to adjust and switch my brain on and into work mode.  Off the back of that, I needed to get my creative juices flowing, and so, what better way than to create something to help motivate me!...A wallpaper for my iMac and my iPhone.

I couldn't keep it to myself as so feel free to download it for yourself too! 

How To Deal With Overwhelm As A Small Business Owner

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If you have ever felt overwhelmed as a small business owner then you know where I am coming from when I say ARGHHHH…..

For a few weeks now I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed and it’s left me a little shell shocked if I’m honest.  I think I am just about getting over the feeling now so I figured I would share how I how dealt with overwhelm.  

It’s important to say, not everyone deals with overwhelm in the same way, so what works for me may not work for others.  It’s definitely worth taking a look through and sifting out what doesn't work so you can concentrate on what does work!